3D Medical Expo Welcomes 3D Printing Maastricht as Exhibitor

3D Medical Expo Welcomes 3D Printing Maastricht as Exhibitor

About 3D Printing Maastricht 

LimburgMakers and 3D Printing Maastricht will be present at the 3D Medical Expo.

“3D Printing Maastricht” is an innovationproject that helps companies with innovation based on 3D technology.
Companies can participate for free. They will receive expert support when introducing 3D printing in developing products, services and markets.
Focus areas are Health & Care, Smart Industry en Creative Industry.
Team members: MaukCC, Etoile Maastricht, 3D Maastricht, LIOF, Municipality of Maastricht and Maastricht University School of Business Economics.

With the “LimburgMakers” program, LIOF as a regional development company stimulates and supports companies in the manufacturing industry using 3D printing.
This applies to business plans focusing on Life Science & Healthcare as well as for other sectors and applications of the technology.
LIOF is partner of the 3D Medtech Printing Conference on February 1, 2017 in the MECC and is participating in the L.E.D.-project ‘3D Printing Maastricht’.

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