3D Medical Expo Welcomes Z3DLabs as Exhibitor

3D Medical Expo Welcomes Z3DLabs as Exhibitor

About Z3DLabs

Z3DLabs is your personal lab to manufacture medical additives. Thanks to highly advanced software and printing materials, surgeons and biomedical researchers can print medical bone implants that are biocompatible, mechanically stable and aesthetically excellent.

Bone is the second tissue that is being transplanted every year. For engineering bone implants, ceramics are commonly used, due to their high stiffness and strength. However, the current medical treatments used for bone healing come along with several shortcomings.

First of all, the gold standard autografts are short in supply and cause pain to the donor site, while allografts or xenografts may cause disease transmission and thus immune rejection.
Second, traditional fabrication methods cannot provide a ceramic implant with adequate mechanical properties for bone healing applications, nor an architecture customizable for every patients bone defect. Third, surgeons often have to adjust a graft before or even during a surgical operation, which is highly inefficient and causing unnecessary risk.

To overcome all these challenges, engineered implants have gained importance the last decades. With the help of advanced software and materials, additive manufacturing is expected to revolutionize personalized health care by printing customized, mechanically stable, safer and aesthetically excellent implants. With Z3DLabs, we are one step ahead of this revolution.

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