3D Medical Expo Welcomes Vosfox Medical as Exhibitor

3D Medical Expo Welcomes Vosfox Medical as Exhibitor

About Vosfox Medical 

Vosfox Medical is a company providing contract manufacturing services with a focus on 3d printing in Class 8 cleanroom under GMP / ISO 13485.

You can use our printers or you can place your dedicated printer in our cleanroom. Further we can offer different production techniques, assembly, packaging, post printing services as well as testing or sterilisation services. Currently we have an FDM and DLP printer, but in the near future we are planning to also offer silicone, metal, PEEK, flexible material printing and Class 7 cleanroom.

We can extrude filaments from every commercially available (medical) grade in different diameters under ISO 13485. In the near future we will also offer medical grade UV curing resins, resorbable UV curing resins, flexible resins and silicon resins for 3d printing. Also other medical grade materials based on PTMC (PTMC homopolymers, copolymers, diols and triols) will be offered soon.

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