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Below you can see the 2018 exhibitors in alphabetical order:

I&L BiosystemsI&L Biosystems The I&L Biosystems GmbH was founded 1991 in Germany and has been growing steadily ever since. The focus of I&L is on sales and distribution of high quality laboratory equipment to customers and researchers in the microbiology, cell biology and biotechnology markets.
With our sister companies: LA Netherlands (Benelux countries), I&L France (Southern Europe) and I&L United Kingdom (UK) we support our customers in sales, application and technical concern all over Europe.
3DMedNet3DMedNet 3DMedNet is a network that unites all members of the diverse 3D printing and bioprinting community, enabling the connection and collaboration that will help this exciting field move forward at an even faster rate.

At 3DMedNet we truly believe that, thanks to exponential developments in 3D printing and bioprinting, we are poised at the brink of an exciting new era of medicine and healthcare. The field encompasses a multidisciplinary mix of experts, from regulators and manufacturers to surgeons and bioengineers.

PoietisPoietis Poietis is a biotechnology company specializing in the laser-assisted bioprinting of living tissue.
It provides industrial stakeholders and researchers with a unique platform to design and manufacture bio-printed products for regenerative medicine, preclinical research and evaluating the efficacy of cosmetic products and ingredients.
Poietis is currently developing 3D physiological models and has partnerships with major pharmaceutical and cosmetic groups. These tissue models allow for a more predictive in vitro assessment of the toxicity and the efficacy of drugs candidates and new cosmetic ingredients.
Poietis bioprinting technology relies on pioneer research conducted during ten years at Inserm and the University of Bordeaux. The company is the exclusive user of this technology worldwide and aims at bringing it up to clinical-grade level to develop and produce bio-printed tissues for regenerative medicine applications. Further information is available on Poietis website at www.poietis.com.
VersoteqVersoteq 3D Solutions Oy Versoteq 3D Solutions software (“VersoCore”) has been most effectively used for customizing unique products for health care and medtech customers. The VersoCore software accepts basically the patient related inputs (images, 3d scans, pressure or temperature data as CSV files etc.), diagnosis related inputs (parameters as form data, JSON etc.) and other relevant information. Then the data is automatically recognized, aligned and processed until the result becomes a 3D model that can be used for visualization or product manufacturing. The process can be automatic or semi-automatic, leaving possibility for hand-made adjustments or quality assurance when needed.
The investment in our solution reduces the need for manual design work thus reducing the cost. It also reduces product delivery time, standardizes the quality and reduces need for expensive CAD SW licenses.
Z3D LabsZ3DLabs  Z3DLabs is your personal lab to manufacture medical additives. Thanks to highly advanced software and printing materials, surgeons and biomedical researchers can print medical bone implants that are biocompatible, mechanically stable and aesthetically excellent.
Bone is the second tissue that is being transplanted every year. For engineering bone implants, ceramics are commonly used, due to their high stiffness and strength. However, the current medical treatments used for bone healing come along with several shortcomings.
First of all, the gold standard autografts are short in supply and cause pain to the donor site, while allografts or xenografts may cause disease transmission and thus immune rejection.
Second, traditional fabrication methods cannot provide a ceramic implant with adequate mechanical properties for bone healing applications, nor an architecture customizable for every patients bone defect. Third, surgeons often have to adjust a graft before or even during a surgical operation, which is highly inefficient and causing unnecessary risk.
To overcome all these challenges, engineered implants have gained importance the last decades. With the help of advanced software and materials, additive manufacturing is expected to revolutionize personalized health care by printing customized, mechanically stable, safer and aesthetically excellent implants. With Z3DLabs, we are one step ahead of this revolution.

Exhibitor practical info

MECC Maastricht
Forum 100
6224 GV Maastricht
The Netherlands

The halls are open to exhibitors from one hour prior to opening to one hour after closing on trade fair days. Please contact Exhibitor Services if you or your supplier requires access to the exhibition floor outside these hours. Exhibitor Services

John Heuts
E: j.heuts@mecc.nl
T: +31 6 20495508

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Register as Exhibitor! We provide you with the best services and make participation easy. Stand packages are all- inclusive, so all you have to do is bring your best ambassador(s).

To show your identity, your company logo will be printed on the wall.stand-mecc

  • Turnkey stand packages 6 – 9- 12 -18 m2 include :
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    • 2 exhibitor badges – 1 parking ticket per day
    • Coffee, tea & 2 lunch vouchers per day

Additional items like furniture, tv-screen etc available. Please contact Exhibitor Services

John Heuts
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T: +31 6 20495508

For questions please contact the project team at: 3dme@mecc.nl

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Who visits?

Professionals involved in healthcare. End-users, developers & students who are interested and eager to know how 3D technology can change the health care industry and improve the live of patients:

  • Surgeons
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Orthopedic Surgeons
  • Dentists & Dental Technicians
  • Orthodontists
  • Oral & Maxillofacial surgeons
  • Manufacturers of Medical Devices
  • Biomedical engineers
  • Biomedical material researchers
  • Product Developers
  • Researchers, Scientists
  • Chiropodists – Podiatrists
  • Orthopedic shoemakers
  • Students