3D Medical Expo Welcomes WiDE as Exhibitor

3D Medical Expo Welcomes WiDE as Exhibitor

About WiDE

WiDE – We Improve Device Experience. Software development is realized by the company Custom3D Tech, publicly project is known only by the WiDE title.

WiDE is next generation customization software for individual adjustment of digitally modeled prosthetics and orthotics that are digitally manufactured. Software is a tool for AUTOMATIC and INDIVIDUAL customization, based on person’s 3D scan data. Combining pre-defined digital design of a prosthesis and/or orthosis (P&O) and the 3D scan, software generates individual digital model which can then be made using additive manufacturing using any material or technology by specialist’s choice or in the closest 3D print hub.
We are promoting digital manufacturing and engaging artificial intelligence to help us create each individual design. By providing medical professionals with our software we provide them with a tool to serve 16 patients instead of one patient in a time frame it would normally take to help one person. Every specialist can use it, even ones without experience in digital modelling. This is first software using pre-defined designs and implementing the whole process starting from 3d scan import to preparation for digital manufacturing.

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