3D Medical Expo Welcomes Optics11 as Exhibitor

3D Medical Expo Welcomes Optics11 as Exhibitor

About Optics11

“Optics11 develops and manufactures innovative optical measurement systems for a wide range of markets. Founded as a spin-off company from the VU University in 2011, Optics11 has rapidly developed into a mature and independent technology company today. This is achieved by our dedication on introducing disruptive technological solutions in emerging markets and ongoing collaboration with our customers worldwide.

In the life sciences field Optics11 introduces the Piuma Nanoindenter, a novel instrument which provides researchers with an easy and effective way of characterizing the mechanical properties of a wide range of materials. The Piuma Nanoindenter finds applications in the fields of biomaterials, synthetic elastomers, tissue engineering, active polymers, cell biology, soft matter sciences, micro-particles, material interfaces, and many more. For a complete overview of our activities and solutions, please visit www.optics11.com.

Currently Optics11 provides researchers the opportunity to experience the Piuma Nanoindenter by remote or local demonstrations throughout Europe. In case of interest, please inform us at the 3D bioprinting medical expo or through info@optics11.com”.

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